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Monday, September 27, 2010

Kitchen Back Splash

I took almost the entire summer off from all the house projects I was in the middle of...it's been a lot of work and I really needed a break! I finally dove back into it these last couple weeks and one of the major things to tackle was the back splash in our kitchen.

Last weekend my mom and I did it! It took over 11 hours (on our feet the entire time) but in the end it was totally worth it! It turned out amazing and it wasn't nearly as complicated as we thought it might be. Thanks again, mom, for all your help! She was pretty nervous about it since this was her first tiling job by herself. I had never tiled in my life and I was totally excited...

I bought 12x12 sheets of 1 inch glass tiles in black, white and grays. We ended up using 24 of these sheets. The other supplies were white mortar, white sand-less grout and all the tools for mixing, spreading and cleaning. The total cost of this project was around $225. Everything was from Lowes.

Here is what the tiles looked like:

We cut them with scissors to fit and then used a tile saw (borrowed from a friend) to cut them whenever they needed to fit in the extra small spaces. I'm not going to go into detail how we did it exactly. If you want to know more though, please feel free to ask!

Now, here's what you really want to see....pictures! I'm bummed that they came out looking so "busy". It's hard to appreciate how good the tile looks. I should have taken the after pictures before I put everthing back on the counters. Oh well. It is what it is. Enjoy!

sink area

left side of the kitchen

right side of the kitchen

entire view of the kitchen

close up

You also got a sneak peak of our majorly huge cabinet project. As you can see, it's not quite finished. We have a couple doors and drawer fronts left. That's one of the only things left to do, besides replacing the stove (still looking for one on craigslist), installing our new sink and painting the kitchen. I just got the paint today and it should be on the walls later this week :)

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  1. It looks beautiful! (Both the tile and the cabinets). I am so impressed.