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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Front Door Makeover!

As I mentioned before, the entire exterior of our house (walls, trim, doors, everything!) was painted PEACH when we bought it! I posted when I painted the trim and garage door white but I still had to do something with the front door.

So here it was before, with the trim freshly painted white:

Here is it as of today:

What I did:
-Painted the door green. The color is "Gentle Pasture" by Valspar
-Repainted the inside of the door white (previously beige)
-Replaced the old brass knob and deadbolt with new brushed silver ones
-Got a "welcome" vinyl decal from Etsy in chocolate brown 
-Bought a new coordinating rug from Lowes
-Took down the black and green wall hanging

To do:
-Find a new coordinating wall hanging (maybe?)
-Replace the doorbell
-Paint the flower pots to match the rug and door

So I guess the makeover's not 100% finished but it's done enough to show you! I hope you like it!


  1. Amazing job! Looks awesome...you rock :)

  2. Love the green you chose for the door!

  3. I LOVE LOVE it! Great job! Maybe I'll hire you to help me with my house when I get one someday! Fanstastic job!

  4. I love the new color that you chose! It may not have a big difference than before, but it does look pretty! Maybe, you could add some furniture or fixtures outside just to give it more unique look.

  5. Your green front door looks better than your previous one. I think the color green stood out more. It was more evident as it matched well with the white trim and the peach wall. Were there any changes in the past three years? Well, there’s nothing wrong with changing the color of your front door from time to time.
    Sol Hendricks @ Diamond Contracting