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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Earring Holder(s)

I have many many pairs of earrings that have been stored in the bottom of my jewelry box for years! I hardly ever wear them because I never think about it...out of sight, out of mind! I recently went to a jewelry party and purchased a fun pair of gold tear drop earrings and then got a few more pair at the store that I found on clearance and I've been having so much fun wearing them! They reminded me of all the earrings I had hidden away. Last night I got them all out and looked at them and decided I needed to have them out where I can see them so I'll wear them more often. Then I looked up at the empty space on the wall next to our bed (I've been trying to find something to hang there since we set up our room!) and I had an ah-ha moment! I decided to make an earring holder to go on that wall. I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and got all my supplies.

Here is my blank wall:

Here are all all my dangly earrings:

So now I'll give you step by step instructions in case you want to make an earring holder, too! They were super easy and lots of fun to make and the possibilities are endless when making one of these!

Picture frames of any size or color (I used 3 black 8x10's)
Paper to line the back of frames (I used cream and black)
Ribbon (I used red, cream an black)
Glue stick or double sided tape
Hot glue gun 
...ignore the buttons in the picture, I didn't end up using them!

1. Take the frames apart. You won't need the glass so you can throw it away. Lay the backs of the frames on top of your paper and trace along the sides with a pencil and then cut along the lines.

2. Next, put glue or double sided tape on the backs of the paper and firmly attach to the backs of the frames. Here are mine:

3. Now you will need to cut ribbon, Make sure it hangs over the sides at least 1 inch. Choose how far apart you want your ribbons depending on the length of your earrings. Secure each ribbon with a very small dot of hot glue right in the center.

4. Flip over and place a 1 inch line of hot glue on the back where you are going to put the ribbon. Pull tight and press down until dry. 
This is what the back should look like when you're done gluing the ribbons down. Cut any extra ribbon off.

6. Put the backs into the frames and secure like you would if you were putting photo in it. Here's how my 3 turned out:

7.Hang on the wall or set up on your dresser or night stand and hang your earrings on the ribbons.

Here are some more photos of the holders I made with my earrings in them:

No more blank wall!

I am so happy with how these turned out! They were exactly what I had in mind! Now hopefully I won't leave the house without earrings on anymore :)


  1. What a fun and decorative way to display and store your earrings!

  2. You never cease to amaze me, my Chloe'! These are so cool...I may have to copy... ;o)

  3. I love your beautiful creativity!

  4. Fantastic, amazing, way cute... I'm totally taking it! Thanks!!