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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Watermelon Ice Cream Bombe

5-6 c. lime sherbet
4-5 c. vanilla ice cream
5-6 c. strawberry or raspberry sherbet
1/2 c. mini chocolate chips

Line a gallon sized bowl with plastic wrap, making sure wrap hangs over the sides of the bowl at least 4 inches. Spoon the lime sherbet into a mixing bowl and beat until smooth. Press into the sides and bottom of the prepared bowl using a large spoon or your hands. Freeze for 30 minutes. Repeat the same process with the vanilla ice cream, pressing on top of the frozen lime sherbet in a thin layer. Freeze for another 30 minutes.

Spoon strawberry or raspberry sherbet into a mixing bowl and beat until smooth. Stir in the chocolate chips. Fill the remaining space in the bowl with this mixture, cover tightly with plastic wrap and freeze at least 6 hours. To unmold, remove the top plastic wrap and dip the outside of the bowl into warm water until the bombe begins to loosen, about 15 seconds. Place a serving platter over the bowl, flip over and shake to release bombe. Peel away the plastic wrap and slice into wedges with a large knife dipped in warm water. Serves 14-16.

Notes: I thought of my brother Stefan when I saw this recipe because he loves sherbet. It was his birthday and he was out of town. BUT I finally made it for him this week (only 3 months late!) and it was a hit. Everyone really liked it...including me, and I'm not the biggest sherbet fan. I had a hard time getting a good picture of the bombe. This shot is the best I could get...

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  1. If you want to make it again, and don't like sherbet (I don't. Ew), try pistachio ice cream. My mom does that, and she also uses strawberry ice cream from neopolitan usually, and just adds red food coloring. But my sister-in-law made it your way, and it was really good!!