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Friday, April 23, 2010

Homemade Tutu

I decided a long time ago that Margot should wear a tutu on her 1st birthday...not exactly sure why, but I just pictured it every time I thought about her birthday! So I've been shopping around (mostly online) and haven't found anything that I love and that isn't super pricey. Then I thought "I could totally make one myself!!" and that's exactly what I did :)

I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and found some rolls of tulle that were 25 yards long for $2.99 each. They also had $4.99 rolls which were the same length but they were shimmery. I didn't see a need for that so I grabbed a couple of the cheaper rolls...one banana yellow and one bubblegum pink. I used an elastic headband as the waist band and it worked out great!

If you're interested in making one, here are the supplies you'll need, step-by-step instructions and photos. And if I wasn't clear on something, please feel free to ask questions!

30-40 strips of 5.5 inch wide tulle (I made mine 2 feet long but you can make them longer or shorter depending on the length you want. You'll want to cut the tulle 2x longer then the length of tutu you want)
1 elastic headband (you could also cut and sew a piece of elastic. I just used a headband cause I already had it)
Measuring tape or ruler 
A chair
(I'll explain this later)


Place the elastic around the back of a chair. This makes it easier to work with.

Loop the tulle around the elastic and pull the ends through, making sure they are equal in length. Pull it nice and tight. This will create sort of  knot at the top, keeping the tulle in place.

Continue adding the tulle, alternating colors if you're using more then one. For a fuller tutu, you can scrunch each piece close to each other. I left mine about 1/2-3/4 cm. apart while it was on the back of the chair and it came out just how I wanted...not too full and not too thin.

Once you've gone all the way around and filled up the elastic band, take it off the chair and admire your work! Mine came out a little to big for Margot so I simply cut the elastic, took off a few pieces of tulle and tied the elastic back together. Hopefully you won't have to do this with yours!

Here's the final product! I was really happy with how it turned out and I was really surprised how easy it was and only took about 20 minutes total.

I had to snap one quick picture of Margot wearing it :) It's now hanging in her closest until June 16th rolls around. Isn't she so cute??


  1. Oh my goodness! That is AMAZING! You are so creative Chloe! Great job! And YES she is super duper cute!

  2. Chloe very creative! You can special order sell these online for specific color orders! Great job and so cute on Margot. Great little model. Thank God He blessed you with such a beautiful little girl!